Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cats in the house!

Adorable Sara!

Unfortunately, Sara is not being very adorable right now in her behaviour so it's a very good thing that's she's very cute.

We've invited Red into our house these last few days and things have been going pretty smoothly. I even had hopes that they would become playmates because Sara hasn't had one since Sophie, my siamese, died two years ago.

But instead, after many days of calm, Sara has decided that Red is getting too many cuddles, eating too much food, and generally not wanted in our house. It makes me very sad.

Cutie Red!

Red is very sweet. She loves to cuddle. She likes to play. She is very well trained for living in the house. She still likes to go outside in the sunshine but she is easy to coax back in with food. She seems to have made herself very comfortable and at home here.

Too bad about Sara because if Sara doesn't get happy about it soon, I'll have to find a home for little Red. So if anyone knows of a wonderful family that Red could fit into, please feel free to contact me.

No knitting news today but I have started again, if somewhat tentatively and slowly.

Until next time, take good care, M

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