Friday, September 24, 2004

Finally Moving Forward

I've had an inspired few days this week. I'm still working on the stack of dish cloths for my aunt's christmas craft table in England. I even have photographic evidence now! See . . .

Dish cloths in process

What has really gotten me out of the slump, though, is the lovely little cotton number shown below.

The inspiration!

I purchased this cotton-blend in New York when I was travelling this summer. I had intended from the beginning to make myself a little scarf from it - an accessory, if you will. I describe it as a sparkly denim colour. It's made by Berroco, a Cliche Color but there's no other name on the label, just a dye lot number.

Like all projects I expect to make for me, it kept getting put on the back burner. But this week I was absolutely desperate to knit and I didn't want to make anymore dish cloths. So I bribed myself; I promised that if I finished just one more dish cloth then I would let myself knit up this little beauty.

Lo and behold, the dishcloth is finished and added to the pile and I am nearly done the scarf. I might even wear it this weekend (if I can escape from studying for my exam) just because I can!

I was feeling so motivated by my little trick that I pulled out all my yarn and my, as yet, unfinished projects and started taking snaps of them with my new digital camera. (The camera I was using previously has moved back to Ontario with Scott, the boyfriend, and I may never see it again :-p )

Anywaaaay, the point is that I've finally started moving again. Now I just need to keep the momentum going. I gave myself a little added boost by going to buy a few more balls for a few more projects. I even bought some fabric for a baby quilt for my cousin's soon-to-be arriving bundle of joy!

I am actually quite blissful right now! All this talk of new supplies for new projects is making me very, very happy. Whooo hooo!!!

Best be off and running, then. Until next time, take good care, M

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