Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Guilt, the great stagnator!!!

I feel very bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Okay, well maybe not that bad. I'm just feeling a little guilty about the amount of knitting I haven't been doing this week. (Pretty much none, actually!)

I was knitting a dishcloth last week at a friend's house when I realized I'd made a mistake a few rows back. I haven't fixed it yet. As a result, I also haven't moved forward on anything else either. Definitely sounds like a knitter's block to me.

In my defense, I have been a bit busy. I'm trying to get into the routine of being back at school again and all that can entail.

Also, Reuben (the dog) started school this week. We went to our first training class last night. He was absolutely exhausted afterwards and fell asleep very quickly and very soundly when we got home.

Reuben looking dapper!

Unfortunately, I found out that Reuben doesn't play very nicely with other dogs. Not that he's extremely aggressive or anything. He's just used to playing with the wild dogs in the Arctic so he doesn't approach the city dogs the ways he's "supposed to." It's a parent's nightmare to hear those kinds of things from the teacher. I think I have a better appreciation for the parents of my students right now.

He's not beyond hope, though. Because of all the Border Collie in him, he's really smart and catches on very quickly. I'm the one who needs to be trained so I can train him to be less assertive when dealing with other dogs. Maybe I should sign up for a training class, too! They offer them at the doggy school we attend!

We have a new cat hanging around our house these days. Red has camped out under the back steps of our apartment. We've been feeding and watering her since we first got here. She comes in the house on occassion but is a bit skittish around us still.

Little Red Girl

While Red is living under the back porch, Gilligan lives in the back porch. He was another neighbourhood stray that needed a home a few summers ago. He doesn't get to come in the house, though, because Sara does not like boy cats and will spray if she feels threatened by them.

Gilligan is a little bit skittish, too, but he's a very sweet boy really.

Gilligan having a nap on the dryer!

Today I seem to be talking more about the resident animals than my knitting. One might think I was trying to avoid the subject. Well, I am!

Until next time, when I hope to have more knitting writing for you, take good care, M

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