Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm on a roll now!

I've already finished my scarf and here's the picture to prove it! I've even changed my profile picture to show off my new accessory.

Ta Da!!! Sparkly Denim Done!

I'm so excited about my new system of bribing myself to finish the dish cloths by promising another project that I'm already 2/3 finished another dish cloth. Gotta keep the momentum going.

My prize for finishing this one is to start on a boa scarf for my friend, Kim. Here's a photo of the colour she chose.

Boa for Kim's scarf

I am definitely not a yarn snob. I love pretty, pretty stuff but it doesn't have to be pure wool to satisfy me. I've made tons of these scarves from boa, eyelash and twister yarns. They're very popular.

I combine the fantasy yarns with a solid worsted weight behind it to give it more warmth for winter. I like them to be useful, not just pretty.

So on my study breaks later today, I'll be knitting to finish the dish cloth and then start on the scarf. Yeah for me!

Until next time, take good care, M

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