Saturday, October 23, 2004

I Love Good Food

The latest entry in the "I Love" file. I love good food. I like it fresh, healthy, colourful and tasty. I enjoy buying it, preparing it, cooking it, eating it. I don't even mind the clean up if the meal was really good.

I've posted a picture below of the yummy stuff we're having for dinner tonight. I'll be baking some skinless, boneless chicken, slicing it and mixing it with a caesar-salad sauce. Then I'll serve it over a gorgeous crunchy salad made of all the goodies here. It's one of my favourite fall salads and I can hardly wait to dig in!


And just because I loved the colour, I've also included a photo of my afternoon snack - a juicy orange. It seems that even my food is in love with autumn with all the requisite shades of fall.


While living in the Arctic, I learned that there was a serious lack of fresh food because all the food has to be flown in. You can understand why I'm so enthusiastic about produce these days. A bonus of living in this giant city is that there is a lovely green grocer right down stairs from us where I get all our produce. It's run by Jenny and her family and they're wonderful to the customers.

A great side effect of having all this lovely food available to me is that I've lost 20 lbs. Great food selection plus a wonderful dog who loves to walk with me every day and I feel great! How fantastic is that?!

On the knitting front, I have finished my pretty socks project. I can't show photos yet because, yes, they are another Christmas present. Soon, I promise, soon. I feel pretty terrific about finishing another item off the list, though. Guess I better get back to work to knock off a few more.

Until next time, bon appetite, M

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