Thursday, October 21, 2004

I Love Knitting Blogs

I've decided that this is going to be my very positive week so each time I blog, I'm going to start off with something I love. Today, I love knitting blogs.

What do I love about them, you may ask. Well, I'm glad you asked. I love reading about everybody's experiences with their projects - the good, the bad, the frustrating. It makes my feel great when I'm feeling blah about a project to know that others are also feeling blah about their knitting. It seems to be the little push I need to get me over the hump on that particular day or project.

I also love getting ideas and advice from other blogs. I just finished a Surprise Give yesterday, the pattern for which I discovered as a knit-along. (I'll post pictures once it's delivered.)

I'm also feeling inspired to try some more crochet, thanks to the Yarn Tomato. Other blogs are piquing my interest in learning to spin and dye my own yarn, too. These can only be good things, in my opinion.

It's just great to feel that there's a knitting community out there in the ether that I can tap into for a lift or what have you. And in the words of Share over at KnitAddictions, knitters rock!

So until next time, take care of you and yours, M

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