Sunday, October 03, 2004

I love online quizzes!

I gotta tell ya, I am having too much fun with these online quizzes that I keep finding. Some are from other peoples sights and some I've been finding just by tooling around in the quiz sights. How fun.

I do try to publish some of them but often the images are too big and skew everything on the rest of the blog. I just really enjoy them so I thought I'd share.

I'm finally finished the dish cloths and now I'm working on some Christmas presents. Unfortunately, I can't say what they are or I'll spoil the surprise. I promise to display pictures once the holidays are over. I can, however, show you a photo of the yarn I'm using for one of the current projects - aran wool from the Aran Islands, where I took a knitting workshop this summer.

Fantastic colours from the Aran Islands!

I'm starting to make squares for blankets for the homeless, too. I've always wanted to be able to contribute to the societies that collect and distribute these blankets. I know I don't really need another project but the simple knitting of this is sometimes more relaxing when I'm tired but still want to be using my hands. I think I'll start keeping a tally for this similar to the dishcloths; whenever I finish one, I'll be able to update the list. So wish me luck on this one!

Okay, it's Sunday and I have to do some laundry, a little house keeping and hopefully get some studying done as well.

I read once that when a student is looking at the tasks she has to do, they are usually divisible into three types: A, B, and C. The A category are those tasks that need to be done in order to be successful in school. The B category are those that need to be done in order to take care of oneself: eating, exercise, grocery shopping, etc. The C category are those tasks that should eventually be done but are not essential to either studying nor to survival and wellbeing. Invariably, the C category items are the ones that get done first, and not just by me but by all students. It takes a lot of discipline to do it the other way round.

An example of a C category thing that I did last week while studying for my exam was making home-made dog treats for Reuben. A lady at our doggy kindergarten gave me the recipe because Reuben liked them so much and I thought he might respond to them while we did our outdoor training than the ones from the store (which don't really interest him). It became a rather extended "study break." (He does love them, though, and his training outdoors has really improved so it might have been worth it! ;-)

And these C categories never seem to run dry. I could find a whole pile of things that interest me more than paleontology and oceanography on any day of the week. The good news is that there are only nine weeks left before the end of the semester and then I never have to take another fourth-year science class in my life, if I don't want to. Yahoo!

Well, enough C category tasks for me. I have to get on with it.

Until next time, take good care, M

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