Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Lunar Eclipse

Such a very strange night. We had a gorgeous lunar eclipse and it cast such a strange glow in the sky. When we're so close to Halloween, it instills a very magical feel to an evening.

The eclipse was the only nice thing, though. I was two-thirds finished Christmas present 2 when I realized that I had made it in the wrong size. I had to frog it completely and start again from scratch. Nothing magical about that.

I'm trying to get it finished asap so I can get on with another project. I've got a few more Christmas presents to get going this week so I can get them sent off to their recipients. I can hardly wait to post photos of these things to prove that I am actually knitting up a storm.

Only nine more weeks 'til Christmas. Aaaaaagh!

Until next time, keep knitting, keep knitting, M

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