Monday, October 04, 2004

My Dog Likes Sushi

Now, I know that many dogs will eat just about anything if presented to them. Up until recently, though, I had prided myself on the very few treats my dog gets. He didn't need to be bribed to sit, stay, or what have you.

Recently, my dog has become very nervous now that we're living in the city. The noises here are so foreign to him compared to the tiny town we used to live in up north. Our obedience classes have encouraged treats to get him to listen better, especially outside where there are so many distractions and generally scary things for Reuben, so I give him treats.

Since he started getting treats, though, he seems to think that he should be able to try anything that fancies him. (Note the picture below and how adorable he can be if he turns on his charm.) So lately, Reuben's diet has included carrots, grapes, bananas, mushrooms, apples, fish skin, and sushi. I think it's hysterical!

Reuben looking his cutest so he gets what he wants!

Since I wanted to talk about my sushi-eating dog, I decided that there should also be shots of all the other pets in the house, just because they're all so fantastic!

So hard to resist!

Hard to believe Sara is my problem child when I see her looking so innocent and adorable!

The Lady Disdain

I love the look on Red's face in this one. I'm not sure exactly what she's expressing but she so looks like a snooty, high-brow cat that I imagined it as disdain for the photographer.

The real head of the company!

And here's a shot of Gilligan, who most of the time can be found sleeping on the dryer. Suddenly, he looks like he's quite at home on the computer desk.

Not much knitting news to report. I can't say too much but the Xmas present that I've started has an Aran panel in it so it takes a lot of concentration for me still (I'm new). I have to say that I don't really enjoy doing this kind of knitting yet. I have to focus so hard on it that I take breaks and go knit on the blanket squares so I don't get too wound up. (Hah! A pun!)

Anyway, I think I've got a good system going with bribing myself to get all the things done that need doing. Still working reasonably well and now I've incorporated making the blanket squares into it. So here's hoping it keeps up!

Until next time, take good care, M

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michele! I found you! I love the pictures of Reuben and Sara. Now I must go toodle around your site...TTFN. BTW, it was a fun evening. Jane