Sunday, October 31, 2004

S.E.X. and Halloween

For my friends and family who aren't in the know, it stands for Stash Enhancing Expedition. Now get your minds out of the gutter.

I had a little windfall yesterday so my mom and I made a trip to a LYS, Burnaby Knitworks. I spent way too much money but, my oh my, I made a nice haul. Take a look at the snap below.

Drooling, drooling and more drooling

Some for Christmas presents, some for me, some just to try.

It's Halloween today and I have a shot of my Sara that makes her look like a little devil.

Devil Cat

I've finished another Christmas present, a pair of gloves. I was so disappointed with how they turned out that I've decided to keep them for myself. I've started a different project for the recipient.

In process


I've never made gloves before and when I followed the pattern exactly, I had great gaping holes between the fingers. So on the first, I had to stitch them up after I'd finished. On the second, I tried to add more stitches when I picked up along the previous finger and then decreased them as I stitched along. They both looked pretty witched up by the end. Definitely not gift worthy.

Oh well. I didn't really need another project to add to my list but such is life. I'm actually feeling a little pressurized with all the Christmas knitting. If I had nothing else to do all day, every day, then maybe I wouldn't feel so short of time. Maybe I need to take a look at that list again and pare back some. Let's just say that whatever gets finished, gets finished. No point in getting stressed about it.

Until next time, Happy Halloween and stay safe, M


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't be a perfectionist. I'm sure the recipient would not have minded. I've completed two pairs of gloves so far. Both were gifts that had been requested by the recipients, and they received them knowing to expect a few imperfections here and there. On the other hand, you get yourself a good pair of gloves, which is neat.

Keep going,


nmblefngrs said...

I know when I knitted my first pair of gloves, there were holes all over the place. I took some extra yarn and a needle and stitched all the loose places closed. Once I washed and blocked them, they were perfect.

eyeleen said...

Lovely stash enhancement. Cute Kitty!

Great work on your first pair of gloves. Although you don't think they're gift worthy, they look pretty great for a first pair.