Friday, October 15, 2004

Something bothering me

I was disturbed by something I saw on a blog the other day and I think I need to write about it to get it out of my head. I'm not going to mention the name of the blog but I still feel I need to say something about that day's content.

A knitter had gone to a fibre show. She described the show and her stash acquisitions with corresponding pictures. She then went on to take pictures of all the pieces she didn't like on other visitors at the show and posted them with horrible, disparaging remarks. I could not believe my eyes!

This behaviour just struck me as so very wrong. It wasn't just unkind, it was mean. How could a grown woman talk about others in such an adolescent manner?

Now I'm not saying that I'm a saint and that I never think such things but I rarely express them out loud, even to friends. I also understand that it's her blog and she can do and say what she likes in that venue and I don't have to partake of it (which I intend to never do again!).

What struck me hardest was that some of those women she posted about may actually read her blog. What would the discovery of something lovingly made being lambasted on a public blog do to me? I think I would be devastated.

I found the entire entry so disturbing. How could one person be so self-absorbed and unthinking as to publicly humiliate her fellow human beings, fellow women and fellow knitters? Such a blog says more about the writer than the people she writes about. Furthermore, the motivation that fuels such behaviour is not one that I would be proud to claim on a public forum like a blog.

Instead of adding to the nastiness that already makes up so much of our world, I hope I never feel the need to be so offensive to other human beings that have done nothing but adorn themselves with their own creative endeavours. I would rather promote the work of others than criticize it. At the very least, I would rather remain silent.

Hoping to do no harm, M


Anonymous said...

Wren from Montreal, Quebec

You have a very nice blog. What a joy it was that I stumbled upon it. Keep up the wonderful work.

sarah said...

Thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog. A little encouragement goes a long way. I see you are from Vancouver, I'm over on Vancouver Island. Maybe we'll bump into each other at some fibre festival one day!

Susan said...

I tell myself...there is not looking for the sense in something that is senseless. Mean people are just that - mean. I think it comes out of a self-centered thang - and perhaps a loathing of the ugly parts inside and not wanting to deal with them, so they end up getting projected out onto other people.

People who are thoughtful shouldn't worry so much about hurting other people. It is usually the thoughtless that don't worry and should.

I am glad you posted on your feelings. Thanks for letting me express mine too!

btchwstix said...

Read your post on the mean knitter and I am completely stunned. I find the majority of knitters to be so thoughtful and kind (even wrote an entry on this in my blog), but the distrubing part is that doing that is so heartless. Sometimes I am a little negative about my completed projects and if someone were to comment like that to me, I'd probably give up knitting altogether!

PS Enjoy your blog, keep up the great work