Saturday, November 06, 2004

Knitting Up A Storm!

Feeling very successful today in general. Totally caught up on my studying and making great headway on the Christmas knitting.

I had an exam on Friday and finally feel like I got an A. My last four exams were B+ and I was getting very frustrated. I think I'm over the hump now and just have to make sure I keep up with my study schedule so I can finish up in a positive way. Only four weeks of classes left, and another two after that for exams to be done. Then I have a Science degree. Woo hoo.

Am currently watching the semi-finals for the CFL. Edmonton Eskimos are playing the Saskatchewan Roughriders. My home province is Saskatchewan so you know who I'm cheering for. Go, Riders, Go!!! I hope they do well. They totally kicked this team a few weeks ago so I know they can do it again. (Look at me talking about football like I know what I'm saying! Truth is I only watch when it's this late in the season and the Riders are close to the Grey Cup. Otherwise, I don't bother.)

Gotta get back to the Christmas knitting as I want to finish another project and get another one well started.

Found a card the other day and had to buy it because I loved what it said: "It is better to have something to remember than nothing to regret." (Frank Zappa)

Keep it real, M


nmblefngrs said...

In response to your comment, I had considered moving to Canada, and there was one school I checked out in Toronto, but going to school abroad, even if is is just next door, requires a lot more planning and money than I either had or was willing to find. Still, there is that question of what to do after I graduate... I responded to the rest of your questions on my blog,

Gracie said...

Good for you making headway on Christmas knitting - I need to do much better on mine! Have a great Monday!