Thursday, November 18, 2004

Making Up for Lost Time

Greetings! Have been quiet this week. USB port still not working but have found way to circumvent. Now have pictures to share. Many, many pictures. (Please excuse bad grammer as have had heavily caffeine-powered day and cannot type fast enough to keep up with toxic brain exhaust.)

Digital camera really caught colours in poncho for Eve. Pattern from Lion Brand. Very fun and fast to knit up.

And for Max, Eve's brother, computer mittens.

Also picked up book for him. Love this series. Hope he does, too!

Finally got baby crib quilt finished for cousin's baby. Sending away this weekend as baby due December 3rd.

Back matches Granny/Wolf doll pajamas.

Raggy quilt front with ruffles.

Red Riding Hood doll with both front and back

Dog trying to sit on shoulder while Dogmum knitting because Cat always does.

Very bad weekend. Twisted ankle, maimed knee, much crying and pain. Better now, thank you.

Hoping prepositions, pronouns, etc return tomorrow once caffeine filtered through system. No more coffee drinks for Beknitted (except maybe study days and final exams, maybe also Christmas knitting crunch, packing, . . . )

Keep well, non-grammer-challenged friends, M


Anonymous said...

your a live wire ;0) how did you hurt your knee?you really got to stay away from the caffeine girlfriend

Anonymous said...

My, I love how the colors turned out on your poncho! The gloves are great, too, but I especially enjoyed the quilting. That's a great gift idea.