Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Friend, Verna

This post is about my friend.

She is a great friend, a fantastic knitter and a terrific mother to her three boys.

Verna with her youngest son, Cole

She lives in Deline, NT where I lived and taught last year. We spent many hours knitting and talking over tea and dry meat (a local delicacy).

I don't know how long she's been knitting. I don't know who first taught her.

I do know that she is the best knitter/crocheter I have ever met. She is fearless. She tries anything, often with just a photo to work from.

She can create the most amazing things from even the smallest ball of yarn. She just seems to know exactly what fits where.

Her work is recognizable all over the Northwest Territories. Everyone can spot a "Verna Hat." She makes special orders for people throughout the region.

Verna has taught me how to let go of my need to be perfect with my knitting. She inspires me to give anything a go and to stretch myself in new directions. She is one of my knitting mentors.

Knit On Verna! Miss u much, M

(P.S. Yarn parcel in the post this week, as promised.)

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