Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ooohhhh! Prrrrrreeeeetty!

I have been ROAK'd. Thank you so very much to Colette over at Knit Witch. She made my day.

Here's a snap of my gifties: a yummy, delicious vanilla candle in a beautiful little box; a gorgeous writing paper set; some oh, so soothing bath soak; and the cutest little card! I love the little card the best because it has a Siamese kitty playing with yarn and Siamese are my favourites!

I feel so special!

I love the idea of the ROAK. I joined because I wanted to send out support to my fellow fibre fiends. I guess I sort of forgot that I would also be a recipient. I was so very suprised and really touched when my parcel arrived yesterday.

Big, big thank you goes to Colette again!

Keep spreading the love around! M

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