Sunday, November 14, 2004

Photos Not Available

I finally have a Christmas present I can post a picture for and my USB driver has failed while using my camera. Hmf. A little bit of Murphy's Law at work here, I think.

I was going to post about it because the recipient is not quite 2 years old and her mother, my cousin Kate in England, doesn't know about the blog.

I made a little poncho out of Patons Melody in the Crazy Daze colour with a purple Fun Fur fringe. It's soooo cute - all bright and happy looking. I promise I'll get a picture posted as soon as I can get my roommate in here to fix the USB port.

I'm just starting my halfway gift today. You know the one - the gift that signifies that I'm at the halfway point of my Christmas present list. Not that it hasn't changed many, many times since I started and grown to about double my initial list. Which, when you think about it, means that this might have been my last one if I hadn't kept expanding it. Doh! I don't need to think of it that way right now! I'm halfway - woo hoo! (Okay, so it even sounds a little forced in my head!)

But I continue undaunted because I am a Knitting Goddess and I will get this list completed in time for Christmas. Say it with me now, folks: I am a Knitting Goddess (or Knitting God). I'm good enough, I'm fast enough, and darn it, people like my handmade gifts.

Have a great Sunday! M

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Anonymous said...

you go girl lol
I mean knitting goddess ;0)