Monday, November 22, 2004

Please . . . Poke My Eyes Out!

This is what I'm reading today for my Paleontology class:

"Rearrangement of the lithosphere and the formation of geographic barriers by plate convergence, plate divergence, transform faulting and plate collision may produce two types of biogeographic patterns recognizable in the fossil record . . . " Paul Smith, Paleobiogeography and plate tectonics, PALEO SCENE, Volume 15, Number 4, 1999.

This isn't even the part putting me to sleep.

Somebody please rescue me!!!


nmblefngrs said...

Whoa...and I thought Literary Theory was boring. Good to know us literature people aren't the only ones suffering through inflated textbook language.

nmblefngrs said...
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FaerieLady said...

I guess I shouldn't say that I find that kind of stuff extremely interesting... --Kae