Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year?

Like most, I've been watching the death toll rise after the recent Tsunami. I have nothing profound to say; there are no words of wisdom in me to ease the shock and pain for others. I only want to acknowledge that I am feeling helpless in the aftermath of the disaster and wish I could do more or even anything to help in a real way.

Back in my cozy, little, snow-covered world, I have a knitting photo to share. (Unfortunately, they aren't of all the FO's from my Christmas list because I still don't have that computer set up yet. ;-p )

Mom Mitts in progress - to match her scarf and hat!

Reuben Helping with Knitting!

And just to show that we did have some Christmas around here, I have some photos to prove it!

Bag of Sara (She loves this game!)

Christmas Reuben

May your new year be hopeful, happy and bright! M

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Alive and well . . .

and living in Saskatchewan! I made it!

I can hardly believe I drove my way through the mountains with a 14 ft U-haul truck and a trailer on the back with my car on it. In hind site, I wish I had taken a picture of that rig because I was really impressed with the size of it and my driving it. :-)

Everything seemed to work in my favour for the whole trip. I was so fortunate to have beautiful weather the whole way. Once I had arrived here, there were several storm fronts that hit the mountains and closed everything in with blizzards. Talk about good timing!

I also had a few truckers that were so great to me on the mountain roads. One would get in front and another behind and help me up the worst of the hills by blocking the other traffic from harrassing me. It was a wonderfully generous act and I am so very grateful. The truly impressive part of it, though, was that it happened four or five times along the way. Gotta love those commercial drivers!

I'm still in the middle of getting everything unpacked, organized and set up here. I don't have my own computer out and hooked up yet so I don't have any pictures to post yet but I'm working on it.

Thanks to all of you who posted well wishes for me on my journey. I'm so grateful to all the good wishes I had from everyone. I know it was all that positive thinking that got me here.

Counting my blessings every day, M

Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Next Big Adventure

I am so finished my exams! And I am so happy to be done! I am dancing a jig! WOOHOO!!!

That chapter of my life is finished and now I get to move on to the next.

I'll be spending my weekend finishing up my nephew's Christmas gifts and packing up what's left of my life, as well as a few quick visits to say goodbye to friends.

Come Monday I'm jumping in a U-haul truck with my car towing behind. I'll be driving through the mountains and heading home to Saskatchewan!

I'm a little freaked about the drive itself but I am really, really looking forward to getting there so it should balance out.

For anybody still reading out there, I'll be away from the computer for several days and may not get to post again until Christmas or later.

Please be patient and check back in a week or so to see the latest news. I should soon be able to post pictures of lots of FO's by then as I'll be able to show you all the Christmas presents.

Have the most joyous holiday season, M

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

No time for study breaks

Everything is on hold while I study for this last exam. Even Christmas has to wait so no knitting updates.

It's just a matter of who has more stamina now - me or the information. Don't put your money on me. I'm losing steam fast.

But I have some wonderful study buddies. You can see their pictures below.

Have some nog for me, M

Sleepy cat

Smiley Dog

Monday, December 13, 2004

This tranquil moment . . .

is brought to you by Cara at Earth Mother.

Thanks so much, Cara, for your sweetness and kindness. It's a ray of sunshine in my study-filled life.

Sorry for the fuzzy shot but it's late, I've been studying for days, and I'm strung out on caffeine and sugar. I swear it looked alright when I took it! :-)

Friday, December 10, 2004

Bandwagon Jumper

The 100 List

1. I was born in Canada's Centennial Year, 1967

2. I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (I love the look I get when I tell this to non-Canadians!)

3. I am technically an only child

4. I have three half-brothers, one step-brother and two step-sisters

5. I had a half-sister who died when I was seven

6. I consider myself as having one brother because we were raised in the same house

7. My brother has one son, my nephew, Danger

8. I have no children

9. I am not married

10. I am not opposed to either of these things, I just haven’t done them yet

11. My family has some very unusual names - Bracken, Silver, Verda, Willow, Honey, Danger

12. I consider myself lucky to have gotten the boring one

13. I collect unusual names of others in my head to compare them to my family

14. I have a huge extended family

15. I don't stay in touch with most of them, mostly because there are too many but some because I don't want to

16. I have lived in Vancouver for 15 years and I am not fond of it because I am a small town girl at heart

17. I taught Kindergarten/Grade 1 in Arctic Canada for a year

18. I took a biology class in the jungles of Costa Rica one summer

19. I used to be a corporate accountant in Downtown Vancouver

20. I believe in God but not in a traditional way

21. I'm not thrilled with organized religion

22. I like to study the history of the church as a social/power institution

23. I hope to be able to do graduate work in this area

24. I already have two bachelor degrees (Science and Education)

25. I’d like to be an academic

26. I haven’t figured out how to finance this yet

27. I went to business college in 1985 for one year to get a secretarial certificate

28. I completed three levels of a five-level accounting designation program before I became a teacher

29. I graduated from high school in 1984

30. Our yearbook theme for senior year was based on George Orwell's novel, 1984

31. I have travelled extensively

32. Sometimes I think I would like to do more travelling

33. Other times I think I'd like to stay home

34. I love to garden

35. I dislike living in apartments

36. I want to own my own house one day soon

37. I have one dog, Reuben, and one cat, Sara

38. I would like to have more of both but not until I get a house

39. I have always had pets

40. I was given a kitten on the day I was born

41. Her name was Chicken Heart (see #12)

42. My mother was 17 when I was born so it’s sometimes hard to figure out which one is the parent

43. My mother has five university degrees so far and planning her next one

44. I get my school addiction from my mother

45. My mother and her sisters taught me how to knit, crochet, sew, craft in general

46. All of my great grandparents (save one) were alive when I was born

47. Only one grandmother and one grandfather are still alive

48. I have had extra grandparents most of my life (see #4)

49. I have one adopted grandmother who lives in England and I love to visit

50. I was the first grandchild and the first great grandchild in my family

51. I am older than my nearest cousin by 5 years

52. I have an aunt who is 2 years younger than me

53. I am the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter on my mother’s side

54. I come from a long line of very strong, very stubborn women

55. We have a lot of family legends, most of which are grossly exaggerated

56. My family is almost entirely of Irish/Scottish descent

57. Most of the women in my family are (or were) redheads

58. I have never been a redhead

59. I had one Norwegian Great Grandmother

60. I’d like to see her hometown of Oslo one day

61. I have been to Ireland

62. I have mixed feelings about my trip to Ireland

63. I'm hoping to move back to my home province, Saskatchewan.

64. I have liberal ideals based on small town values

65. These can be difficult to reconcile at times

66. I have always been very sensitive and my feelings get hurt easily

67. I have developed a “tough, invincible woman” persona to help me deal with this but it doesn’t work all that well anymore

68. I can be tactless sometimes, but never do it intentionally

69. I love learning new things

70. I did a science degree because I thought it would be a challenge – it was

71. I wish I’d done a history degree first

72. I suck at romantic relationships (see #9 above)

73. No one in my family stays married

74. It’s still too early to tell if this will apply in my generation

75. I never want to be divorced (This may be why #9 is true.)

76. I am an idealist and optimist in most things

77. This makes disappointment unavoidable

78. I have to work at being an idealist and an optimist some days

79. I am very attached to being thought intelligent

80. I have airhead moments

81. I’ve learned to enjoy them and laugh at myself

82. I would like to be wise one day

83. I am an organization goddess

84. Friends ask me to pack their stuff for them when they move

85. This is easier than carrying the boxes to the car

86. I am a book junkie

87. I have hundreds of books in my house

88. My friends don’t like it when I move

89. I am very susceptible to shiny, glowy boxes

90. I try to resist television and computer games because of it

91. I hate reality tv shows

92. I love CBC radio and television

93. I love being from the prairies

94. I am very proud to be Canadian

95. I would like to explore more of my own country

96. I miss the politics of my childhood that shaped my idea of what being Canadian means to me

97. I would like to do more to help others

98. I want to be more politically involved

99. I fall in love easily and out of love very hard

100. I love to fall in love despite #99

And that is all I have to say about that. Thanks for reading, M

Thursday, December 09, 2004

What are you doing tomorrow?

December 10, 2004 is the Write for Rights Write-a-thon for Amnesty International. (Scroll over the candle for link.)

My goal is to write five different letters for five different campaigns.

If you're even slightly inclined, I hope you'll make the effort to do at least one. Every single voice can help.

The AI website has lists of places that are holding events on the day where you can join with others and write your letters.

Raising my consciousness any way I can, M

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Gratuitous Cutitude!

Just because I haven't posted pictures of them very recently, I thought I would feature some snappy snaps of my cutie cuddlers.



Helping me to keep it in perspective!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Free Advertisement

Hemp - not just for rope!

After spying skeins of yarn in the window, I was lured into a shop just down the street. It was a very cool place and I loved some of the other things in the store, not just the yarn. Receptive Earth sells nothing but hemp fashions and giftware. So guess what the skeins of yarn were - that's right, hemp.

Yummy, yes?

I know this sounds ignorant and uninformed but I expected it to feel like twine. Of course it doesn't feel like twine. Who would knit with that? But preconceived ideas can be that way - misleading and prejudicial.

It did feel lovely and knittable and I know there's a baby sweater in

that uses hemp yarn. Alas, as a broke student, $13 a ball is out of my price range at the moment. But I am very intrigued so I'll just have to store that idea at the back of my head until later.

On the knitting front, I am still working away on the Christmas list. Only 18 days until I can finally post some photos and notes on my projects. I have days where I can't stand not writing about it, especially when I see so many other great blogs posting and sharing. (Hey lady, would you like a little cheese with that whine?)

So in the spirit of hemp, I'm considering all the alternatives, M

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hooked Another One

It all started so . . . so innocently, officer, honest. We were just experimenting. She wanted to know enough of the basics to be able to stop her sister from making any mistakes. It was for a good cause, really.

My friend, Kim, . . . I don't know how it happened exactly. She invited me over for pizza and a movie. We were supposed to play Scrabble. But she asked me to show her the cast on and the basic knit stitch - just for her sister, you know.

Then, she said "Screw Scrabble. I'm not putting this down." Then other things like "I feel so calm and centered." She was so engrossed and, well, it seemed like I couldn't have taken it from her if I'd wanted.

Before I knew it, she was casting off. She'd gone too far to turn back. I didn't mean to get her hooked. Really, I didn't.

Yes, yes, . . . it was my stuff. But I had to leave my 10mm's and skein of chunky. She wouldn't let it go. You can't argue with someone when they're like that. I know an addict when I see one. I've been fighting it my whole life.

I hope you can help her. You know, point her in the right direction. Get her into some sort of group - for support, to keep her on the right path, get her some literature, to help her if she slips a stitch up, I mean.

Yes, of course I'll be more careful next time. I'll be sure I bring enough yarn to finish a whole project and maybe a copy of Stitch'n'Bitch. I mean . . . oops!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Must Read This Lifetime

Do you have a list like this? Books that you would like or think you should read at some point this lifetime?

About ten years ago, I discovered that I had missed reading many classic titles. So I compiled a list to help me catch up. It included The Secret Garden, Charlotte's Web, Anne of Green Gables, anything by Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, etc.

Recently, I bought a copy of this.

I haven't gotten more than a page or two into it, though. The language was driving me a bit crazy so I put it down and haven't picked it up again.

Instead, I'm reading a recent book for young readers that has proven to be very fun and engaging.

I highly recommend it!

So what are you reading? What's on your list? M

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Why is it so hard to resist? And why is it that all the things I really enjoy are temptations that take me away from what I'm supposed to be doing?

Temptations in my life:

Knitting blogs
Playing with dog/Cuddling with cat
Talking on the phone
Spending money
Watching television
Crafts in general

What should I be doing?

Studying (mostly)
Looking for a job
Working out
Cleaning my house

So does this mean that to be truly happy, I need to change my temptation list to my should list? How do I create a job/life where I can sit, knit, eat chocolate and watch television while I buy books and cuddle with my pets? If anybody has a lead on this job, please feel free to get in touch with me so I can get my resume in there right away!

Resisting it the best that I can, M