Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Alive and well . . .

and living in Saskatchewan! I made it!

I can hardly believe I drove my way through the mountains with a 14 ft U-haul truck and a trailer on the back with my car on it. In hind site, I wish I had taken a picture of that rig because I was really impressed with the size of it and my driving it. :-)

Everything seemed to work in my favour for the whole trip. I was so fortunate to have beautiful weather the whole way. Once I had arrived here, there were several storm fronts that hit the mountains and closed everything in with blizzards. Talk about good timing!

I also had a few truckers that were so great to me on the mountain roads. One would get in front and another behind and help me up the worst of the hills by blocking the other traffic from harrassing me. It was a wonderfully generous act and I am so very grateful. The truly impressive part of it, though, was that it happened four or five times along the way. Gotta love those commercial drivers!

I'm still in the middle of getting everything unpacked, organized and set up here. I don't have my own computer out and hooked up yet so I don't have any pictures to post yet but I'm working on it.

Thanks to all of you who posted well wishes for me on my journey. I'm so grateful to all the good wishes I had from everyone. I know it was all that positive thinking that got me here.

Counting my blessings every day, M


Anonymous said...

so glad you got there safe,I was worried you might have got the bad storm we had.you have been missed ;0)

Anonymous said...

er that was from me ~Cara

nmblefngrs said...

Glad to see you make it safely. So how does it feel to be finally done? Great, isn't it?

Oh, and as far as the cashmere reclamation goes, by all means use the idea, I can't even begin to claim monopoly on that one...some lady on ebay has been selling reclaimed yarn for years.


eyeleen said...

Glad to hear that you've arrived safely. Lucky you to have missed all those storms. Hope you've had a wonderful holiday.

Anonymous said...

It's good to read you had a safe trip. Are you staying there for the holidays only? Are you done with your studies and looking for a job? Whatever you choose to do I hope all your plans for 2005 come out well.