Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hooked Another One

It all started so . . . so innocently, officer, honest. We were just experimenting. She wanted to know enough of the basics to be able to stop her sister from making any mistakes. It was for a good cause, really.

My friend, Kim, . . . I don't know how it happened exactly. She invited me over for pizza and a movie. We were supposed to play Scrabble. But she asked me to show her the cast on and the basic knit stitch - just for her sister, you know.

Then, she said "Screw Scrabble. I'm not putting this down." Then other things like "I feel so calm and centered." She was so engrossed and, well, it seemed like I couldn't have taken it from her if I'd wanted.

Before I knew it, she was casting off. She'd gone too far to turn back. I didn't mean to get her hooked. Really, I didn't.

Yes, yes, . . . it was my stuff. But I had to leave my 10mm's and skein of chunky. She wouldn't let it go. You can't argue with someone when they're like that. I know an addict when I see one. I've been fighting it my whole life.

I hope you can help her. You know, point her in the right direction. Get her into some sort of group - for support, to keep her on the right path, get her some literature, to help her if she slips a stitch up, I mean.

Yes, of course I'll be more careful next time. I'll be sure I bring enough yarn to finish a whole project and maybe a copy of Stitch'n'Bitch. I mean . . . oops!


Anonymous said...

That is so funny! It's nice when someone picks up your ebthusiasm right away. Wish her luck!


Anonymous said...

whatever you do dont tell her about knitting blogs.that will send her down hill from there lol.