Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Next Big Adventure

I am so finished my exams! And I am so happy to be done! I am dancing a jig! WOOHOO!!!

That chapter of my life is finished and now I get to move on to the next.

I'll be spending my weekend finishing up my nephew's Christmas gifts and packing up what's left of my life, as well as a few quick visits to say goodbye to friends.

Come Monday I'm jumping in a U-haul truck with my car towing behind. I'll be driving through the mountains and heading home to Saskatchewan!

I'm a little freaked about the drive itself but I am really, really looking forward to getting there so it should balance out.

For anybody still reading out there, I'll be away from the computer for several days and may not get to post again until Christmas or later.

Please be patient and check back in a week or so to see the latest news. I should soon be able to post pictures of lots of FO's by then as I'll be able to show you all the Christmas presents.

Have the most joyous holiday season, M


Rex Mottram said...

Safe driving and have a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy the holidays, I'll be looking forward to see those finished gifts.

Drive safely,