Thursday, January 13, 2005

Look what I found!

Pictures from some of the many Christmas knitting projects! Hanging around the house the last few days has paid off because I found the cd with these snaps on it.

So for a brief review, check out the photos below.

Aunty Gillian's Mitts and scarf - the mitts are my design with a duplicate stitch heart and the scarf is from's breast cancer surprise issue

Mitts for Aunty Gillian's fiance, Paul, and a Lover's Mitten for them to use together

Me modeling Grandma's hat

A scarf to go with Grandma's hat

Mom's hat (To go with the mittens I posted about last week and the scarf I made her last year!)

Blue hat like Grandma's green one (that turned out more like a skull cap so I kept it for me!)

Kim's slipper socks

Well, that's it for the highlights. Now I just need to get some of my new projects completed and ready for posting. Have I mentioned that I'm actually still working on my Christmas list. Any day now, really any day, I'll get them done!!!

Happy new year knitting, M


nmblefngrs said...

Thanks for the well-wishes. I really appreciate it. I haven't forgotten about you wanting to hear what I thought about Pagel's book, but I have to admit it got a little boring so I put it down too. I agree with you, her narrative does seem a bit winding, sometimes drifting noticeably away from her thesis, but other parts are interesting despite the sometimes burdensome narration. I'll have to finish the book and write a full-fledged review sometime in the next few weeks.

Oh, BTW, I loved those mittens that were knitted with the eyelash yarn. Are they lined? Where'd you get the pattern? My sister would love a pair of those!
Take care,
Jess said...

wow, what amazing gifts! a lot of people have awesome knits right about now.

Anonymous said...

Lovely presents! How did you finish all of them on time? I only knit one or two presents each year. I like the lover's mitten a lot, was it your idea? The leaves pattern on those hats is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

good greief you have been busy!everything looks great!

Thora said...

You got a ton of knitting done! They are beautiful - I love the green hat.

Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well and hope it doesn't last much longer. :)