Monday, January 24, 2005

Selling Out

Our local Zellers (a previously Canadian department store now owned by Target) is closing out. I think it had too much competition from Walmart.

Because they've been having 20% to 70% off just about everything, I bought some stash enhancing items a couple of weeks ago. (Okay it was a lot more than "some") When we were checking out the last of the sale items on Saturday, the staff had found some knitting needles in the back that they were just putting on the (very empty) shelves when I arrived.

Being the bargain hunter that I am, this is what I bought:

Who can resist a set of knitting needles at $1.68 each??! (That's $1.38 USD according to today's conversion rate.)

Yes, I do have a complete set already but not all of them are 14" long so I thought I'd just enhance a little. Plus I needed some of the smaller sized dpn's, especially since that seems to be what I do most of my knitting with these days.

On the knitting front, I have finished one of the Aran socks for my Sockapalooza pal. After all those cables, though, I decided to start a different pair, just for a change of scenery. (For those of you who have an irrational aversion to the fantasy yarns, please turn away now.)

I call them Softy Socks because I'm making them with a cuff of Patons Twister (chenille and eyelash combo) and the rest with a double strand of baby yarn. They are gloriously soft to the touch and I think they're darn cute, too!

I had hoped to get more knitting done over the weekend but I swear I don't know where the time goes. What's going to happen when I actually get a job?! I'll have to give up sleeping or something just to keep up with my knitting schedule! LOL

Puttering my life away, M


Pioggia said...

You can never have too many pairs of needles, especially if you have year-long projects like me. I like chenilles a lot, and I love the look of Patons twister, but I never thought I could use it for anything but scarves. You've given me new ideas.

eyeleen said...

excellent price for needles! I love the fluffy cuff on your sock.