Friday, January 21, 2005

Sockapalooza Socks

I'm making some progress on the Aran socks I'm knitting for my sock pal. Here's a photo of how far I've gotten to date.

The picture doesn't do the colour justice. It's actually a much richer green. But at least you can see the texture and the Aran stitches.

I'm making these socks with 100% Aran wool that I picked up while I was on Inish Oirr last August. I was there learning the secrets of Aran knitting from a resident of the Aran Islands. It was an extremely cool experience!

I hope my sock buddy likes them!

And for some gratuitous cutitude, here's a photo of Reuben and my cousin, Sean, from Christmas. I think the dog's the cuter of the two but you decide for yourselves!

Have a great weekend, M


Pioggia said...

Those socks look awesome. I have never tried cables on socks, they are complicated enough as they are. Is this your own pattern?

Anonymous said...

wow are they ever nice.if she doesnt want them I'll have them lol.what pattern are they?
~earth mother~Cara

Thora said...

Gorgeous wool and cable pattern! I love doing cables, esp. for socks. I have a pair I started with Lorna's and the cables don't show up very well though - something I have to remember for next time.

Glad you like the pictures of the dogs. I really need to stop talking about them sometimes!

Tracy said...

Yep I like those, really "popping" cables. I've just got the Stitch'n Bitch book, 'cos somebody else said their method was the best. I'd forgotten it was the main reason for buying the book as I saw so many things I wanted to have a go at. A case of knitting blindness so thanks for reminding me!

Grauwal said...

Yep, those cables just jump out at you from the socks. The yarn is perfect. Can't wait to see them finished.