Sunday, February 13, 2005

Spring In The Air?

Well, this woodpecker seems to make me think so. I love bird watching and now that we've installed some feeders around the yard, I hope we have lots of visitors.

On the knitting front, I finished the two scarves I was working on for a local grandmother. Plus, while I was watching a movie last night, I managed to get a hat finished for the Dulaan Project (see sidebar button).

While I'm in charge of hats, my aunt has been working on matching scarves.

She hasn't done much knitting in years but has been inspired by the Dulaan project and by having an obsessive knitter in the house these last several weeks. I am thrilled that she's picked it up again and I get a bit of a perverse glee from roping in another "convert." LOL!!!

In between hats and other warmies for Dulaan, I'm also working on this Tree Of Life sweater for my aunt. This photo shows the start of the branches.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - my favourite holiday of the year. I'm off to get my Valentine's cards finished for the kids and the kids-at-heart in my life. I have little caramel-filled chocolate hearts to include with each one. Gotta love those!

Spreading the hearts, er, . . . love, M

Friday, February 11, 2005

Bucket full of . . .

And her brother making a special appearance with Reuben!

How cute are these ones?!! They're two of the kids that my aunt looks after during the day.

Have to share a conversation I overheard between two five-year-olds at lunch today. I think you'll agree that kids have such a great way of looking at things!

"My grandma only has one arm, you know."
"Oh. (long, silent pause) Can she still give you hugs?"

Trying to focus on the important things, M

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Yes, We Have No Photos Today

Have been asked to make up a couple more scarves for a local woman's granddaughters.

Madly knitting away as every little bit of spare cash will be helpful.

Happy Thursday, M

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Just When I Needed It Most

I have been RAOK'd twice today!!! How very fortunate I am!

First, this one from my dear friend, Cara, at Earthmother.

She knows I love lace doilies but am very inept at making them. Thank you so very much, Cara. I am truly touched by your kindness.

Second, was this wonderful Valentine's Day parcel from Jennifer at She Seams To Knit.

I'm so crazy about hearts and Valentine's Day is my favourite holiday. This lovley parcel had a Valentine's card full of heart confetti, heart stitch markers, a gorgeous piece of quilting fabric in my favourite colour combinations, all wrapped in heart paper. It's enough to make my little heart almost explode! Thank you, thank you, Jennifer.

I cannot say thank you enough to Cara and Jennifer. I've been starting to get a little down lately with the move back home again. Job hunting sucks at this time of year (Okay, anytime you don't have a job sucks!) and I was letting the pressure of so many things really get to me. It was an absolute lifeline to receive these thoughtful gifts to lift my spirits. I was a little verklempt when I opened them.

Thankful for all my blessings today, M

Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekend Update

Finally finished Sockapalooza sock #2 for my sock pal. I hope she likes them.

I'm not usually a fan of aran knitting but these went quite quickly once I got the hang of them. I may even do another pair one day. But don't quote me on that!

While reading Mossy Cottage Knits this weekend, I came across her information on the Dulaan Project and decided that I needed to get involved.

I've sent out an email to all my non-blogging, crafting friends to call their attention to the need for warm woolies for homeless children in Mongolia.

There's also a very cool pattern for a no-knit, no-sew blanket made of two layers of fleece that are knotted together. Fleece Blanket Pattern #1 and Fleece Blanket Pattern #2. The first is a bigger blanket but the second shows how to cut the corners out for easy tying.

Here's a photo of Aunty Shelly and Reuben working on one of them. They made two on Sunday afternoon.

Making our small difference in the world, happy Monday! M

Friday, February 04, 2005

Our True North, Strong and Free

Feeling a little patriotic today as I've finally finished my nephew's maple leaf hat. Isn't it cute?

I'm trying to figure out how best to block it and have found that this configuration gives the right shape but I have to weigh down the ear flaps to keep them from curling up. Yes, those are fancy bull-nose clips on the flaps!

This pattern is a modification of the one in Weekend Knitting. I took out several rows of colour and added the band of maple leafs instead of hearts or stars. Plus I knitted it on dpn's as opposed to a straight set with a seam up the back.

On to the next project that needs finishing. Happy weekend knitting! M

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Is It Thursday Already?

Where does the time go? I have so many things I want to get done (some of them are should get done) and, well, it just doesn't seem to be happening real fast right now. I can't believe how the time flies.

Moving to a new town and province is definitely a challenge. All the paper work is enough to drown a person. From driver's license to dog license, car insurance to cat's veterinarian - it's all a blur of red tape. Add to the list finding a new job and it gets very hectic.

On the job front, I'm finally on two of the sub lists in town so hopefully I'll start getting some days beginning next week. I'm also applying to cover a maternity leave until the end of the year. Wish me luck with that one.

Couple all of these things with being sick for a couple of weeks in January and it makes for a very strange time warp kind of experience. Of course, the things that get left behind first are the ones I enjoy the most - knitting, reading, watching movies, etc. Who knew being unemployed would be so hard on my free-time activies?!

I'm still hoping to get Danger's hat finished but I've been saying that since last weekend. Maybe today will be the day!

You can just call me the searcher because I'm searching for all my lost time, M