Friday, February 04, 2005

Our True North, Strong and Free

Feeling a little patriotic today as I've finally finished my nephew's maple leaf hat. Isn't it cute?

I'm trying to figure out how best to block it and have found that this configuration gives the right shape but I have to weigh down the ear flaps to keep them from curling up. Yes, those are fancy bull-nose clips on the flaps!

This pattern is a modification of the one in Weekend Knitting. I took out several rows of colour and added the band of maple leafs instead of hearts or stars. Plus I knitted it on dpn's as opposed to a straight set with a seam up the back.

On to the next project that needs finishing. Happy weekend knitting! M


Cati said...


Anonymous said...

very cool,or warm?

Maggii said...

Wow...I LOVE it.....Great Job

Suzanne said...

I love it!

btchwstix said...

Hat looks great, but knitting with that many colours scares me (along with pattern graphs and instructions more than two pages long). I think you'd make a mint selling on Ebay.

Knit On

PS Thanks for the warm water wishes
PSS That doesn't sound right somehow does it? I mean thanks for the warm wishes regarding my water problems

Gotta get a proper nights sleep and/or stay away from the computer

Karen said...

That really came out nice!

Pioggia said...

Congratulations on your pattern alterations. I also love adapting stuff to fit my needs or whims. You did a great job with Danger's hat.

eyeleen said...

Wonderful hat! Excellent work on altering the pattern. I love those leaves.