Friday, March 11, 2005

How much has your life changed?

Well, where to start? How about at the beginning of this very long break from blogging?

Around about the time of the last entry, I had a terribly unpleasant experience with another blogger and I just decided that I needed to take some time off to get the bad taste out of my mouth. Because I don't wish to share to many of the gory details, let's just say I won't be signing up for any more knit-alongs any time soon.

Then I decided that I really needed to put some serious energy into finding a job. Low and behold, within two weeks of my last entry, I had been interviewed and hired for a teaching position on a reserve in northern Saskatchewan. The catch was that I needed to be packed and prepared to start teaching within ten days. No easy feat!

Since then, I have relocated 8 hours north of where I was and have spent this past week teaching high school English and Art. This in itself is rather remarkable considering I am a primary teacher with a special education background. It's been an interesting challenge to prepare for but also an exhilirating experience.

So here I am, spending every night at the school (which is where the internet is available) planning and marking and not really doing a lot of knitting. Although I did finish a few projects before all of this exploded into existence, I don't have a photo program at the moment to share them with you. I'll have to talk to the computer teacher about this and see if I can't get something arranged!

I do appreciate all the kind messages I've received. Sorry to worry you all. I promise I'll try to be more diligent about posting regularly and, hopefully, my knitting will start coming together
again very soon.

Happy to be back, M


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your problem with another blogger,but I'm glad your back to blogging.I was some worried about you and didnt have your email addy to email you a wassup?
i hope your ok my friend
earth mother

Suzanne said...

I know the feeling of doing a quick relocation for a job; I did that last march and have been in Philly for almost a year now!

Please make sure to update us with your new address so we can start sending love your way!

J. said...

I to have missed you, glad to hear that you are alright. Holy relocation, I did the same thing last year but I came to Asia instead, regardless packing and moving in a hurry is really hard. Besides that northern SK is really far away from the cities. Anyway good luck with the job, it's a big leap from primary but I am sure that you can handle it. Cheers.

Orris said...

Neat! I almost moved a-way-way up north to teach, but there were...ahem...issues...with my choice of spouse. The exact wording was "Well, couldn't you leave her there for a few years?"

I've been teaching high school English for a long while now. If you need anything (help, assignments, ideas, lesson, a shoulder to cry on) just yell. I'd be more than happy to give you a hand.