Monday, March 28, 2005

Moments of Pure Joy

I took my dog for a walk down the trail to the not-quite-frozen lake this beautiful morning. The early sun bounced off the snow in crystals that danced in my eyes as I sang old hymns at the top of my lungs in contentment.

An old man on a skidoo glides up next to us, sputtering like a northern motorcycle. Exchanging greetings in the squinting light, he promises to bring me fresh fish from the lake for my supper.

Clambering back up the trail to our house, I watch the spectrum of birds eating from the feeder outside my kitchen window as Reuben perks his ears to their chorus.

Opening the door, I am greeted by the pure tones of Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations that I left turning on the cd player. Acoustic sunshine for the soul, I'd say.

My joy is complete as I sit in the streams of spring light at the kitchen table, preparing Shakespeare for next week's lessons.

Can life be more fulfilling than that? M


Pioggia said...

Enjoy your vacation. I hope you get some knitting time in addition to lesson plans.

eyeleen said...

Sounds wonderful. Hopefully you'll get a a chance to knit between those lesson plans.

Enjoy your vacation!

nmblefngrs said...

Wow, what a pastoral day--and Shakespeare, too! Did you get your fish for dinner? Are you going to do the sonnets at all? Or will you just focus on the plays?