Saturday, April 09, 2005

Looky What I Made!

Isn't felting the most wonderful thing? I've never done it before and I was so amazed by the transformation.



These are the Fuzzy Feet I mentioned a few posts ago. I'd like to try another felting project very soon. So I was thinking about trying the French Market Bag from Knitty. I've always really liked the shape of it.

I received some Super Socks sock yarn in the mail today. I got it from Mary Maxim, where it was on sale last month. I can't wait to get started on it. Believe it or not, I've never done any self-striping socks before so wish me much luck.

For those of you already enjoying spring weather, I know it's on the way soon. We've got some new birds at the birdfeeder who weren't there last week.

This was taken on Easter Sunday with our fresh snow which is all gone now, but it shows you the bird feeder outside my kitchen window.

This is the view I get to wake up to every morning. It's off my back deck so is essentially my back yard. Is it any wonder I am already so attached to the place.

The people here are fantastically friendly, some of my students are really beginning to "get" what I'm teaching, and Reuben is a happy, snow-frolicking dog. Even Saracat is enjoying all the space and loves to explore under the deck. I think I'll have to stay for a while!

Wishing you all a great view, a friendly neighbour and a happy pet to share your day with, M


Allena said...

those fuzzy feet look great! who's feet are they for? you'll have to share pix!
that view is great! i don't blame you for falling in love with it!

Jenanne said...

It's wonderful to live somewhere friendly; its like that where we live now.

Love your fuzzy feet - I've made several pairs, each different, and found them to be miraculous each time.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are happy where you are!

btchwstix said...

Nothing is more fulfilling and gratifying as when a student "gets" it. Way to go! I know the French Market bag is a beauty and I have been thinking about it but what about a Buttonhole Bag? Done in one day and instant satisfaction. Isn't the felting thing yarngasmic?

Liz said...

I went crazy with Booga Bags a while ago. A fun felting project! Any word on the sockapalooza socks? I'm kicking myself over here!! :/ I'm so sorry they're lost somewhere between here and there.

Pioggia said...

Pretty good felting, I'd say. Makes me want to try it too. Don't you get squirrels at your bird feeder?

Michele said...

Thanks for all your comments today folks!

Liz, No socks yet. I'll post about them and/or email you as soon as I get them. Don't panic yet. I'm sure they'll get here eventually.

Pioggia, I haven't seen any squirrels up here at all. Plus, I know that just about everybody in town has bird feeders that are similar or bigger than ours so I'm thinking squirrels are not a big issue here.

Thanks for the felted bag suggestions. I'll keep you updated on those projects when I get them started.

Tori said...

I LOVE Fuzzy Feet! I'm wearing mine as I type this. Yours are such a wonderful cheery color. They are kind of like School colors! (OH! I feel an idea for Christmas presents coming on!) Speaking of Felting, Have you seen the buttonhole bag on Mason Dixon Knitting? I want to try it! Let me know if you need the link. Take care and thanks for the inspiration!