Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sniffle, Cough, Cough

Feeling under the weather. The weather seems to be feeling under the weather, too, as it's trying very hard to snow today.

Bummer for both of us. M


eyeleen said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Thora said...

Hi Michele! The spinning wheel I use is ancient. It's a traditional Saxony and I thought if I could learn on it, I could spin on anything.

That being said, I read books for a few months and nothing helped as much as overcoming shyness and going to a local spinning guild. The second time I went, three people actually let me try their wheels (so now I have my birthday present picked out - cross your fingers). My favorite of them was the Lendrum (http://www.woolery.com/Pages/lendrumfr.html). I couldn't believe how easy it was compared to my sweet, ancient old girl. It isn't cheap though to buy one so try as many as you can before you make a decision. I also noticed secondhands seem readily available if you keep looking.

Also, sometimes the guilds even have a "guild wheel" to teach with that you might be able to learn with. If there are no guilds near you, is there a knitting store who might have more information? Or a spinner even ... and if you like I can e-mail the links to some Yahoogroups I found.

I hope you feel better and that it doesn't turn into a full blown cold! Nothing worse in the spring. (On second thought, snow is probably worse in the spring lol.)

Pioggia said...

Teaching your students to cover their nose and mouth and to wash their hands often is going to be yet another challenge. Oh, the teacher's life... consider yourself lucky. A friend of mine got lice from her students while she was student teaching.

nmblefngrs said...

Oh wow, a friend of mine got lice from her students, too. Yuck!!
Hope you feel better.