Saturday, May 21, 2005

Meadow Lake and Beyond

We left yesterday at about 7:00 a.m. The road was so bad from rain that it took us nearly 3.5 hours to do a trip that can take as little as 2.5 hours in the right conditions.

Once we got to Meadow Lake, had breakfast and a visit with friends, we decided to get back in the truck and drive to the nearest Walmart - in Cold Lake, Alberta! This is only another hour and a bit drive. Piece of cake, nothing to to it, etc, etc. Yeah, right! Sounds crazy, doesn't it?!

I did manage to get some knitting done on the next sock adventure in that 10 hours of driving time. Well, once the road wasn't too bumpy to knit. (Yes, you read it right - too bumpy to knit! More crazy talk.)

I have proof, too. Here's Brian holding up the sock-in-progress. (Doesn't look too comfortable with knitting, does he?)

I'm much happier with the way this sock yarn sock is progressing. I'm using 2.25 mm needles instead of 3.5mm, and I'm using a pattern from my fav sock pattern book instead of the one that came with the yarn.

I'll keep you posted on how it turns out!

Reuben came with us but he kept trying to drive!

I didn't actually get a lot of yarn for myself. I did pick some up for my friend Verna in NWT but I wasn't terribly inspired by anything I saw in the craft department.

I did, however, see this lovely bird feeder and decided that we could use another one in the backyard. I can't wait for the birdies to start using it!

Brian bought a barbecue for the back deck and we stocked up on some steak and some salmon for next week's staff party at our place. We have the biggest deck and yard plus we're only steps from the school so it's easy. (Gotta say it's nice sharing a duplex so we can share all the fun outdoor stuff and then go to our separate homes at the end of the day. The dog really likes going from house to house looking for food, cuddles, etc.)

Also managed to pick up (and install) a web-cam so I can chat with friends and family and they can actually see me. I feel so technologically hip! Emphasis on the "feel" as I'm not deluding myself into believing I am hip.

On the way home, we stopped in Meadow Lake again to pick up something for supper at the food store. While we were stopped, we ran into some folks from Patuanak who had done such a big shop that they needed us to throw some stuff in the back of Brian's truck to carry back. Good thing we saw them, I'd say.

Finally made it back home again by 11:30 pm. Not bad. A 16.5 hour round trip. Yeah, that's what normal people do to go get groceries, right? LOL!!!

It's really different how things work up here but I like it. I love where I live and I really don't mind driving that far once a month for supplies. If I need anything in between, there's always someone going out each weekend and I can ask them to pick a few things up for me. We also have one store in town (a general store) but the prices are high and difficult to live with so we all travel south when we can. A very far cry from living in Vancouver just six short months ago.

Life is meant to be an adventure! Hope you're living yours, M

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eyeleen said...

Wow! that's some shopping trip. It's good you were able to get some knitting done while on the journey.