Monday, May 23, 2005

Our First Guest

We finally have our first visitor at the bird feeder!

Glad they found it, especially on this rainy day when they could probably use the little bit of shelter it provides.

Yeah for birdies!!!

Happy bird watching, M


Pioggia said...

I'm still digesting the idea of a 16 hour trip for groceries. Wow. That's an interesting book you have there. What will you knit from it?

nmblefngrs said...

OMG is it really 16 HOURS?!? I mean, is this for staples like flour, milk, etc.?

Sorry for worrying you. I've been really busy and sick last week, but I've mostly been just plain lazy. I posted today only to post something, but I promise to write something worthwhile on Wednesday.

Thora said...

I'm with the others on the grocery trip there. Dang, girl. I'm guessing you've already thought about having stuff shipped?

On the other hand, I bet you have a really nice neighborhood community so if anyone forgets something or runs out, you don't mind asking.

Anonymous said...

Cute birdhouse Michele! Jane