Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sock Yarn Sucks Socks

Here's a photo of the horrible things on the neighbour's feet.

I gave them to Brian because I dislike them so much and hope to never have to see them again. I hope he wears them outside on a rainy day with no shoes. :-(

I thought I did everything right. I followed the pattern that came with the socks. I used the right needles. I swatched and checked my gauge. They still turned out for crap and I am not a happy knitter.

Normally, socks are my favourite things to make. I have some excellent patterns that I love to knit. Up until this experience, I honestly believed I was good at making socks. I thought there was very little you could do to screw up a sock pattern. They're easy and fast and very gratifying to make.

Until now. Monster sock yarn. Horrible, nasty, rude sock yarn. Ugly-shape-with-strange-heel-problems-and-bad-fit sock yarn.

I'm not even the unhappy knitter. I am the miserable knitter.


jess said...

sorry you're not happy with them! They look cute to me... :\

Liz said...

Now, I don't think they're that bad. In fact, I think they're cute! Especially on your neighbor's man feet. ;)

Seriously, don't beat yourself up! I think you need to go order some Lorna's Laces (or other yummy sock yarn) promptly and move on.

ana said...

what happened? they look fine to me. and i have to agree, cute too! what was so terrible? i think you're being too hard on yourself!

eyeleen said...

sorry you're not happy with them, but at least you have an FO. I'd do anything right now for an FO :-)

Maggie said...

What's wrong with them? They look fine to me! I even like the colors!