Monday, June 20, 2005

My Friend, Elizabeth, The Priest

I had the great honour to be present yesterday when my friend, Elizabeth, was ordained in the diocese of New Westminster.

All the pomp and circumstance was impressive. Here's a shot of the bishop laying hands on Elizabeth.

Being a priest is actually a "family business" as can be seen here with Elizabeth, her dad, John, and the bishop.

And this is Karen, Elizabeth's mom, a church organist and one of the readers during the service.

The last of Elizabeth's family to participate in the service was her sister, Katie, and Katie's fiance, Paul, shown here as the soloists. Both are talented singers and are the couple getting married tomorrow. (Ignore the priest in the red stole behind them.)

So that was yesterday's big event. Tomorrow we have the wedding. Today, our new puppy, Emmett is having surgery to deal with his tumour and to be neutered at the same time.

Obviously, knitting is not the biggest priority right now but I did do some stash enhancing yesterday that I'll write about later.

Hope you're all having a fantastic Monday! M


eyeleen said...

Congratulations to Elizabeth!

I hope that everything goes well with Emmett and his surgery.

Colette said...

Best wishes to Elizabeth - and good vibes to Emmet. Have fun at the wedding!

Pioggia said...

It is extraordinarily sweet of you to have adopted a sick puppy and being willing to pay those vet bills. I hope he does well with his surgery. Congratulations to Elizabeth.