Sunday, July 17, 2005

And Then There Were Two

Not the best photo as it's windy out today but at least we have sunshine to show off all the lovely colours!

Happy weekend, M


Dani said...

mmmmm socks
You know I suffer from Sock Envy LOL
hoping my shoulder lets me start the magic felted socks soon so I can get past this issue I have wit socks! (read the pattern & it looks almost do-able ;-) We'll see LOL)

Lynette said...

very nice colors!

jess said...

They look great! :) I love that colorway.

Michele said...

Thanks everyone! I like the colourway, too. It's very fun and cheerful!

Brenda said...

Nice socks!
Sunny here this weekend too.
Thanks for the nice card, that was very sweet of you!

eyeleen said...

Great looking socks!

Anonymous said...

yeah! they are great
earth mother

J. said...

Great socks, sad that you had to head home early but I hope that you have with the new wheel.