Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Holy Finished Objects, Batman!

Looky what I made! Looky what I made!

Softy Socks finally finished!

A little fun fur anyone?

Happy knitting, M

(P.S. Dani: Thanks for asking about yesterday's blanket pattern. It's referenced in this post: http://beknitted.blogspot.com/2005/05/youre-just-gonna-have-to-trust-me.html#comments )


Dani said...

Pretty knitting deserves recognition! Thanks for the link, which I will jump to in a sec =)

And super sweet unexpected RAOK deserve recognition too - THANK YOU SOOOOOOO much for the wonderful and MUCH appreciated card =) You really truly made my whole day!

Dani said...

and almost forgot! I have major sock envy LOL yours came out really nice =)

eyeleen said...

Cute furry socks and cute furry dogs! Have a great day.

Allena said...

those socks are great! the dogs are cute too!