Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm Not The Only One!

Here I thought I would be the first Christmas freak knitter out there but a couple other people have come out of the Christmas closet, too! Beth over at Diamonds and Purls has actually knit up a few items already! Way to go, Beth!!!

To answer your question, Beth, I only have about 10 items on my list so far this year. Last year it kept growing and growing as I went so I'm trying to keep it under control.

With that holiday in mind, while in Vancouver, I did stop and pick up some of this:

Yummy, yummy!

I'm thinking of a shawl for someone on my list (can't say who, of course!) Anybody got a pattern suggestion that would show this off to perfection?

I also got this: (sorry for fuzziness of shot)

I love the helmet pattern it came with and I love the colours so maybe I'll keep it for myself. (Yeah, 'cuz that ever happens!!!)

Both these items came from Urban Yarns in Vancouver, a lovely store in my old neighbourhood. Very posh and a bit pricey but they do have some gorgeous stuff! (They don't seem to have a webpage that I can find yet.)

The blog update done for today, I'm off to help with the Treaty Day parade this morning so I better get on with it. See if I can't get some photos for tomorrow's post!

Happy knitting all, M


SCarrGo said...

Wow, everything looks gorgeous!

You are not the only one--I haven't blogged it yet, but I'm thinking of making Christmas stocking ornaments for the crew at work--just a teeny, teeny sock in appropriate color with maybe some kind of furry band at the top (furry band optional...). I'll need probably 15 of them or more, which means that I should start today, huh?

Dani said...

You are SO not the only one! As this is the 1st CHristmas I will be a knitter, I had really high hopes of starting stuff early and having a bunch of handmade items for gifts this year! If this shoulder thing doesn't ease up soon though, I may be SOL :-(