Monday, July 11, 2005

Knitting and Gardening and Cats, Oh My!

Life simply does not get any better than this. No way, not a chance, absolutely not, definitely no better than this!

First, we have a finished object - oh yeah!

And just in case you didn't believe that first photo, here's another view.

Now for a little (and I do mean "little") gardening.

Everything has to be done in pots or raised beds here because our soil is more sand than dirt. I've still got some greenery, though, and that makes me oh, so happy!

For our finale, we have Saracat looking oh so cute in the dog dresser with the dog towels. (Apparently she doesn't think she should be left out of anything, especially if it's called the dog dresser!)

Ah, such a glorious day when you can put all these lovely elements into a post and at least make it look like your life is the way you want it to be! It's even got me feeling cozy and content and I live here!

Have a great Monday everybody, M


Dani said...

Oh my! The blanket is wonderful! What pattern did you use for that?

eyeleen said...

Beautiful knitting! I love the stitch pattern.

Sara is quite the cutie in the dresser. Have fun with your garden!