Friday, July 22, 2005

The Other Side

I've been making good progress on the other side of the Tree Of Life sweater.

I find it a bit boring to work on all the time, though, so I stopped and whipped up this last night:

It's the Amelia's Helmet pattern from Fleece Artist and this yarn is my new favourite. I love the colourway. I love the weight. I love the softness. I could live in a yarn universe if this were the yarn!

And guess what? I actually made this hat for me! Woo Hoo! That doesn't happen very often.

Have a good weekend all, M


Dani said...

Ohhhh wow! Tree of Life is GORGEOUS! And when I read the post before I smelled Apple Crumble - guess who's going to have to get her butt in the kitchen tomorrow now? LOL

eyeleen said...

you've been very knit busy these past few weeks. The tree of life is a beautiful knit.

Lisa said...

That Tree of Life is absolutely beautiful. I've been meaning to try it for a while. I may just have to knit up a scarf.

Thank you so much for the card! I got it a few days ago, and it made me smile :)

KnitSteph said...

Thanks so much for the card and the bookmark! I just love them.

Thanks for thinking of me.

(The tree of life is georgous!)

Pioggia said...

The colors are very pretty indeed. As for your tree of life, you're doing a great job. Are you using a cable needle?

jacey said...

holy smokin' taco! that tree of life takes my breath away. it's lovely and I can't wait to see it finished!