Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Squeaky Yarn

This is what I worked on yesterday.

My neighbour, coworker and friend, Andrea purchased this rug 30 years ago from an elder that has long since moved on to the next world.

Being so old, it was starting to show it's age. The edge was pulling apart in places, there were some rips in it, one giant hole had been burned into the middle. It definitley needed some TLC. I offered to fix it up since Andrea is not craftily inclined.

I stitched up the places I could stitch up. I tidied up the edge. I put a crocheted flower over the burn hole. Voila, almost as good as new.

Okay, but here's the part that blew my mind. It's made of Phentex - you know the squeaky stuff I mean. Most of us have loathed the stuff for many years because, well . . . that sound. It squeaks not just when you're knitting with it but also when you wear it.

That being said - you gotta see this thing. It's 30 years old; the colours are as vibrant as the day it was made; there are hardly any wear spots on it; the stitchs are tight. It's a miracle of modern plastics.

Living where goods are not so easy to come by, I have a new found respect for things that last. Accordingly, I have a new found respect for Phentex squeaky yarn. This rug is proof that it, too, has a place in the world to fill.

At this time, I'd like to thank Great Grandma Cherry for all those Phentex slippers she made me when I was a wee girl. She obviously thought my feet were worth protecting with the hardiest plastic yarn in the world.

Happy knitting all, M


btchwstix said...

Squeaky AND resilient. Nice combo. For microwave containers. I hear you though. If you want it to last (especially through the washer a zillion times) acrylic and its derivatives seem to be the ticket. Did you ever read my link about the lost red sweater in the cesspool? In there for five months, and then it just needed a hosing down...

Dani said...

Impressive wearability!! And your fixes look GREAT!

Pioggia said...

Oh, I remember Phentex as squeaky and ugly, and boy, it made you sweat! It does last forever, my mom still has some yarn from the seventies and she uses it instead of twine or rope.

eyeleen said...

Great work on repairing the squeaky rug. Phentex is certainly durable!

Sylver said...

wow great fixes!

I used to knit with squeaky yarns too, and I remember how sweaty it always was! I have since reformed, and wool is my preferred yarn :)