Friday, July 15, 2005

Treaty Day, 2005

Thursday, July 14, 2005 was Treaty Day in Patuanak. What a wonderful celebration it was and here are some of the highlights.

First there was a parade. Bikes, followed by a few floats - they were so well done!

For those who might not know, Treaty Day is the day that the terms of the original treaty from 99 years ago are fulfilled. Every member of the band is entitled to their yearly $5 pay out. That's right - five whole dollars. Sort of puts the whole European "colonization" into perspective - doesn't it?

There is always a government official present; whether for tradition or regulation, I don't know: (this fellow in red later put on his shorts and t-shirt to play volleyball so not that official!!!)

Once the business of the day is taken care of, it's on to fun and games. A small amusement fair set up for the kids.

A little train that takes them around town.

Games for the bigger kids adults included:

beach volleyball

piggy-back races

canoe races

lumber Jack and Jane races

and grease pole climbing - strong, daring young men take turns trying to climb a log covered with grease (vaseline today) to reach the cash-filled envelope at the top! Unbelievably hard on their muscles (and their clothes!) as it takes several attempts and a couple of hours to finally get enough grease off the pole to reach the envelope.

We had some traditional dancers give us a show.

The Chief cooked up some burgers for the crowd.

My little friend, Navaya, had a grand time running, dancing and getting her picture taken!

Many of my students were at the event. Here's a snap of Randi, Vicki and Sam.

It was so nice to catch up with them as I haven't seen most of them since school let out over a month ago.

There were lots of other things going on but I just didn't get photos of it all. It was an all day affair and even the spells of rain didn't deter the crowd. I have to say, though, that the flash storm did finally send me home to get under cover for the 30 mins. duration.

I was honoured to be so welcomed by this community as they celebrated. I just wish I had put more sunscreen on because I am lobster red today!

Hope you're all celebrating the summer in your part of the world, M

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Dani said...

Ive always wanted to live someplace that had that kind of traditional town community fun day - there are festivals and stuff around but nothing with as much fun as it looks like you had!!