Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Today, there were many pairs of knitting needles being used in the halls of our high school. It was a sight that warmed my heart! What can I say? These kids never cease to amaze me!

First period this morning I taught knitting to our Practical and Applied Arts class (Home Ec for us old school kids). They loved it. One of my young guys decided he was going to knit his red scarf in his spare period . . . in the hallway. I grin ear to ear.

After that it was a snowball effect. Other students started carrying their knitting projects around so they can knit every chance they get. Two students not even in the class ask if they can learn to knit, too. I begin beaming as I pass my kids in the hall. Watching them knit makes me a little verklempt.

That was the morning and lunch hour. In the afternoon, we have a most excellent Chemistry experiment - another weekly event that makes me well up with pride. I am constantly amazed at my Chem Kids and the care and conscientiousness they show during lab time. This is the first year we've had Chemistry labs in our school in the last six or seven years so we frequently get observers at the window.

After Chemistry, our school was the host to the unit volleyball finals (much like a league final and the next game is the district finals). During the first game, I was marking Physics quizzes that were written in the morning. I had one student get 100% and several others got A's. I was ready to burst with pride by this point.

Once the marking was done, I headed to the gym. Both our senior girls and our senior boys won their matches! I had never seen either team play before and I was so incredibly impressed with their skill level. I cheered so loudly I thought I might lose my voice.

I don't think I could have been prouder of my students today if I were their mothers. It was an amazing feeling to be part of their day and I hope I can just remember this on those days when I would rather strangle them than cheer them. For now, though, I am a happy, happy teacher.

Happy Wednesday everyone, M


Susan said...

I had to unsub from your blog for a while. Don't know why, but every time I went to it it made my browser crash.

But I kept trying, and now nothing bad happens - yippeee!!

Just thought I would let you know... Hope everything is going well for you - I need to catch up now!

Colette said...

It's hearing about days like this that me me regret not becoming a teacher! Hope you have lots of days like this in your career.

jacey (insubordiknit) said...

yay! this made my day!

Pioggia said...

The teaching life is full of such moments. In the end, you treasure them and forget the bad ones. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

eyeleen said...

a wonderful day in the life of a teacher. Thanks for sharing it with us.