Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dreaming of Knitting

I may not have been knitting much in the last few weeks but I have been dreaming about knitting. I ordered this to keep me in the knitting frame of mind.

I love the socks in this book and am currently making Madder Ribbed socks in Super Socks Dazzle yarn in colour 718.

Last night, my friend Patricia came over for a craft night. Here's a snap of her doing cross stitch on the couch with my dogs passed out around here.

I made a feast of fresh Moose meat. This was a great accomplishment because I've never cooked Moose meat before. I've eaten plenty of it but it's always been prepared for me. I have to say it was delicious and I did a fine job on the preparation.

And, finally, just because they're so cute and have been such a joy in my life, especially when I was going through all the stress of the last weeks, a lovely pic of the boys.

Happy knitting everyone, M


Pioggia said...

Keep on with the good dreams. One of your doggies looks like he had stitches on his nose. Is he alright?

Michele said...

Hi Pioggia,

No those aren't stitches. Emmett was severely abused when he was a pup. That's how he came to be at the animal shelter. He's fine now but there are a few scars left over. Despite everything, though, he's a sweet mischievious boy and we love him!

BerryKnitty said...

Can't wait to see those finished Madder Rib Socks! I too, hope to start socks soon and have been on a 'knitting hiatus.' Sixteen weeks pregnant--so I've just been exhausted. I finally picked it back up the last couple of weeks.

Happy knitting!

Pioggia said...

I remember that story. It's sad that he still has that scar, but he's lucky to have you as his mom now.