Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Here's what I learned today . . .

I have become a better knitter because I have taught others to knit.

Today during my first math class of the day, one of my knitting students came to me with a major problem in his scarf. He had dropped several stitches in one corner and somehow, miraculously, continued to knit, dropping more stitches as he went.

Dennis is such a pleasant young man and he is working so hard on his knitting and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to help him. He had finished nearly a foot and I didn't have the heart to tell him that I wasn't sure I could fix it. So I tried.

It took me several minutes, in between teaching quadratic equation solving to the Math 30 class, but I managed to put it right. I didn't even have to swear to get it done. It just started to make sense. (This, of course, supports my theory that math and knitting are natural together because, I swear, being in math mind helped me solve the knitting puzzle!)

That's when I realized that helping other people fix their knitting mistakes had made me a better, stronger knitter! Yeah for me! And yeah for Dennis!

Happy November knitting, M


eyeleen said...

It's hard to believe that all my college math has become quite useful in my kntting. Go you, for fixing the kntting. We learn from everything we do and we're better for it.

jacey (insubordiknit) said...

i love your highschool knitting stories! I wish i'd learned before i turned 30.

Pioggia said...

Kudos for your attitude. I'd love to be able to fix someone else's knitting. Sadly, with my weird stitches, it becomes quite confusing.