Friday, November 18, 2005

Nothing To Show For It

I can't believe I didn't take pictures. I just finished some wonderful knitting projects (3 in total) and I forgot to do the flashy, photo thingy.

Yes, granted, I was under a little stress to get them finished, wrapped for Christmas and mailed so they'd arrive in the UK on time. But really, folks! What kind of knitting blogger am I that I can't remember to snap a pic?! Dismal, I'd say, just plain dismal.

Oh well, since I took them to the post office today, there ain't no going back on that one.

For a change of pace, I'll be sewing together some pajamas for my nephew, Danger, this weekend. They're part of his Christmas present so I have to get them made and mailed, too. I promise to try and get some photographic evidence of this. Wouldn't want you guys to think I was slacking off or anything. ;-)

Happy Christmas Crafting everyone, M


SCarrGo said...

Not to worry--I made what I thought was a pretty impressive pullover for one of my kids, took me a while to make it, had plenty of progress pictures and all, but when it was finally done, what did I do?

I just GAVE IT TO HER! I didn't take a picture of it first! DOH!!

I've been to her room trying to find it, but haven't seen it since she wore it to school one day.


Pioggia said...

Oh, no! Can you at least get a picture forwarded to you from the recipients?