Thursday, December 22, 2005

Oh, Oh!

Taking a page from the book of Harlot I went to our school Christmas concert on Monday night, knitting a sock all the way. Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho.

Unfortunately for me, the recipient has bigger feet than I have knit for in the past and I misjudged the amount of yarn I would need to finish. Of course, I had no other skeins and still another two inches to go on the second sock.
(See the tail of the yarn along the bottom of the picture. Danger, danger!)

The good news is that I had to go into Meadow Lake yesterday to take Molly to the vet. The one and only yarn/fabric store there carries this yarn and I was able to pick up another ball. Yeah!

The pair has been successfully completed and wrapped for gift giving. Yahoo! Now onto the next gifting pair. Pictures forthcoming as sock progresses.

A little Christmas confession - while in the shop yesterday, I did a little stash enhancing.

Love that sock yarn! Going to try to get another pair made for me over the holidays. I could seriously get used to this knitting for myself thing! Have I created a monster?

Happy Thursday before Christmas, M


Dani said...

WHEW! Close call on the socks huh? LOL

Nice enhancements too!
(it's Dani from Yea I Knit, since I cant comment unless I use my blogger account that I dont use LOL)

eyeleen said...

Great socks! Excellent stash enhancements.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

nmblefngrs said...

Talk about luck! I would have never been able to find another skein in the same color with my luck. Or even better yet, I would have found it after cutting the toe out of the first sock and replacing it with a contrasting color.
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!