Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Spoiled Rotten Puppies

Kind of like having kids in the house, there are far more dog toys on Christmas morning than anything else. This is a pic of about 2/3 of their stash. (Note the Mommy stash on the corner of the coffee table!)

I've been very busy with crafting the last few days. I made another adult pair of computer gloves for a Christmas present. Then yesterday (Boxing Day for my fellow Canadians) I made this lovely drop-stitch scarf and two teddy bears. I also started a third bear and a pair of mittens to match the scarf.

I feel so accomplished when I get that much done in a day. Especially when I did a little housework, holiday visiting and dog walking, too. A good day in my books.

I'm off to Saskatoon tomorrow to do some Boxing Week Sale stash enhancing. Apparently with all this accomplishment, I now feel I have room for more. (Which, for the record, I do not!)

Happy Knitting, M

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eyeleen said...

I completely understand the dog toy stash. I 've got a great big basket full of their toys, and my family keeps adding to it every holiday!

Great work with all your knitting! Sounds like you had a pretty good Tuesday! Have fun with the stash enhancing!