Monday, January 30, 2006

This Is Laddie!

He's a very sweet boy and a real charmer! Even with his ears missing, he's a real cutie.

I love this little guy already but with three dogs in our house, I cannot keep him. What will I do the next time a frozen puppy comes across my path? He needs to find a home where he'll be appreciated.

So far, he's shown me that he's very smart. He already comes to "Laddie" (a generic name I use for all dogs I don't know) and he's crate and house trained after only a few days. He's become my little shadow and is very good with the other dogs.

Actually, he's a little cheeky monkey, if truth be told. He vocalizes, sometimes barks, to tell me that he wants to play or to be fed or when he's playing with the other dogs. He's got such a personality!

He can also be a bit shy, though, and I think that comes from being around people who take dogs for granted and don't treat them very well. But he learns to trust quickly with some consistent interaction.

Here's a profile shot!

Mr. Relaxed!

If you're anywhere near me (like west of Ontario and north of the 49th) and you're interested in having this guy join your house, please let me know. I will gladly drive him to a good home and deliver him within the next few weeks.

This has been a public service announcement on behalf of Laddie!

Happy Monday, M

Saturday, January 28, 2006

This Is Sarahbeth

Sarahbeth is staying with me this weekend while her parents are away in Saskatoon. She is my neighbour and one of her parents works with me at the school.

She's modeling the Twisted Rib Hat for me now that it's finished. Here's a side view.

I like the way it turned out but it's actually really different than I originally planned due to the Mighty Sorbet yarn (the colourway) not cooperating with my plans.

Other things Sarahbeth and I have done this weekend include going to Andrea's house to learn to make bread the old fashioned way. You know, without a bread maker!

Then the inevitable happened.

I swear I didn't twist her arm. I think it's contageous. (Actually she's been asking me to teach her for a while now and we just hadn't gotten around to it until yesterday.)

We also have a houseful of dogs staying with us because of people traveling this weekend.

There are eight in total - yeah, I said eight! Too many to get into one picture. Thankfully half of them are going home today. Three of them are mine and the last one is a stray I picked up and took in out of the cold.

He was freezing to death and starving. He's already had the tips of his ears frozen off. He's okay for now but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him. Hopefully I can find a home for him. He's such a sweet little boy, only about three months old.

Later today we have a ski practice and I'm taking a group of 14 kids to a ski loppet in Beauval tomorrow.

All in all, it's a pretty busy weekend. Thank goodness we had yesterday off of work/school to get some housework done (and maybe a little knitting!).

Happy Weekend Knitting, M

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Socks Soaring

Got this in the mail on Friday.

Can't wait to try it out but now I have to order some matching circular needles so I can give it a whirl. I've read on lots of blogs that people love how quickly socks grow with this method.

Maybe if I drop a REALLY BIG HINT, my Mom will buy me two sets in, I don't know, a size 3mm and mail it to me. (Big cheezy grin as waves at mother through computer!)

A few posts ago I mentioned that if I were starting a blog now, I'd call it Yarn Pie. I've thought of a few other blog names since I started this one and figured I'd put them out there for someone else to use - in case they were looking or something. Other than Yarn Pie, my two favourites are Knitting Out Loud and I Kidd You Knot.

Gotta go get some marking done so I can get some knitting done after that!

Happy Wednesday, M

Monday, January 23, 2006

Knits for Kids

If you did any knitting or blanket making for the Dulaan drive last year (Mom, Aunty Shelly!), go see the pictures at Mossy Cottage Knits. Absolutely gorgeous!

Happy Monday everybody, M

Friday, January 20, 2006

Blowing My Mind

As I sit here preparing a quiz review for my Grade 12 Chemistry class on Monday, I reread these words:

"Now let's remember that a lone pair of electrons creates a greater force than a bond (or shared pair) so it will change the shape of a molecule from a tetrahedral to a pyramidal tetrahedral. This means the 109.5 degrees we expect to see between the bonds will also change."

It absolutely blows my mind twice! that I know what this means and that my students understand what I'm saying.

If only my high school Chem teacher could see me now. I'm sure he'd be having nightmares thinking the world is coming to an end and that hell has, indeed, frozen over because I am teaching Chemistry. Me. The girl who used to pretend to smoke the text book because I figured that was the only way that information was going to get inside my head! (No, I ain't kiddin'!)

In another school topic, our staff played volleyball against the high school kids at lunch today. What a scream! They creamed us but we sure had fun teasing them every time we scored a point! It definitely created a light hearted afternoon for everybody and my Grade 11 Math class was even giggling while they did their assignment. Yeah, those kids that hate Math were laughing in class! Kind of makes up for the fact that most of them have no clue how to add fractions!

These are the days that make teaching great! Hope your day was just as good or better, M

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yarn Pie

This picture makes me want to start a new blog and call it Yarn Pie! Isn't it wild?!

If you're interested in knitting this, you can link to the pattern here. It's not my creation. I wouldn't even know where to begin but somebody obviously put a lot of thought into it and is willing to share. Have fun!

In other news, I'm off to a skiing/coaching workshop this weekend. Yeah for me!

Happy Thursday! M

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Star Struck and Startitis

First, I'm star struck by this beautiful Hand Maiden yarn sent to me by my friend, Jane, just because she loves me. How lucky am I?

This photo has really captured the colour well. I love it!

I am still working on the Folk Mittens pattern but because it requires so much concentration to work with the chart and I haven't had a lot of brain power left after skiing every day this week, it's going a little slowly.

I'm thrilled with it, though, and can't wait to get a pair completed!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I got the Harlot's Secret Life of a Knitter for Christmas and I was reading her piece on Startitis - the constant need to start new projects all the time. It made me realize that I've been far too disciplined lately and haven't had more than two projects on the go for ages - one for travel that was small and easy to carry and one that was larger or required charts, etc for knitting at home. Much too practical, I'd say.

Soooo, I decided I needed to start a few things this weekend. This is going to be a twisted rib hat but with a design twist of my own. Thanks toTerri for her pattern.

I also have a pair of socks on the go and I dug out the yarn to start a draft stopper, some leg warmers (for skiing, of course!), and some more computer mittens.

I, Michele of beknitted, do solemnly swear that I will endeavour to be less disciplined and organized with my knitting projects because that is way too boring, even for me!

Happy weekend knitting, eh! M

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday The 13th - Not The Movie

It's been a busy week at school for us. In addition to the ski club, there was also a hockey game last night and I got to work the canteen. Unfortunately, we lost but we still have a great bunch of hockey players.

Some of the things I got pictures of this week include the following math huddle - could a math teacher ask for anything more?!

(Some of last semester's students are tutoring this term's students. )

I also teach Grade 11 English this year and we've started on our first novel.

Davene is busily reading Medicine River in English Class. Apparently she's a little camera shy.

Our ever-posing Sam and Randie also hard at work. Sam is the only female player on our senior high hockey team that played last night. She is awesome!

Heather and Vicki doing their best to look both beautiful and studious for the camera.

Kaylene and Miranda above and Kaylene and Daniel below, all working away and loving every minute of it, you can tell by those big grimaces smiles on their faces!!!

Even the boys hiding in the back corner are actually working! Ezekiel, Dennis and Kris - maybe not so much with the loving it but at least their doing it!

It's good to have the kids back in school. I missed them over Christmas and I really enjoy working with them each day. They may not say the same as I nag, cajole, lecture and brow beat them to get them to do their work. But in the end, I hope they'll succeed academically and beyond.

Happy weekend, M

Monday, January 09, 2006


Went x-country skiing with the kids and Ms. Eaglechild after school today. Loved it! Going to be the "assistant ski coach" for the season.

Fell onto large log frozen into the lake and have large bruise forming in same shape on large left hip. Don't care. Going again tomorrow.

In case enthusiasm not evident, say again - "Wheeeeeeee!"

Happy skiing everyone, M

Picture borrowed from Cortland College of New York at raquette/winter.html

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Scanner Toy

I just learned how to use my scanner this morning and took the opportunity to update my profile picture at right. Cute, hey? That's me in 1973.

I really wanted the scanner working to show you what I found in a thrift store. This little beauty cost me a dime.

I have no clue how old it is but it's published in London, was 10 cents Canadian and 6d in British money, which is before they went to the decimal system so I have no idea what the "d" stands for.

I will probably never knit this pattern but I love it just because it still exists! And such technicolour.

On the knitting front, my mittens are still progressing but I was hoping for some advice. You know how when you come to the end of the round the pattern sort of jogs a bit and is not quite even? Is there anyway to avoid that? I'd appreciate any input I can get. Thanks much.

Have a good knitting week! M

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Promised Pix

A snap to show you what the big deal is all about in last night's post. See that plaited edging on the mitten. Please also note the lack of spaghetti yarn.

This is a photo of my friend, Skyler, who is a colleague's son and is at work with us for the next few days while we try to get the school back in shape. He loves to have his picture taken and when he saw me uploading from the camera, he posed so nicely that I couldn't resist!

Happy Thursday Knitting, M

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Old Dog, New Tricksies!!!

Holy crap, you guys! You would not believe what I've been learning this week!

First, I was searching for patterns to use with some left over merino that I am in lust with (but that's another story), which brought me to this book.

So I thought I would try one of the patterns just for a different style of mitten. After all, they do say that a change is as good as a rest. Yeah, whatever.

Yes, apparently living in a cold place makes me think I must warm the hands of the world single-handedly. Hah! (Oh look, Jane, a silly pun!)

Anyway, I started these mittens and before I even cast on it tells me that I have to do this two-colour cast on. So I go to the front of the book to find instructions. When I get there, the two-colour method informs me that I must do it with the long-tail cast on. Never done that before. But I figure I'm up for a little knitting excitement so what the heck?!

A few tries later and Voila! we have a two-colour cast on. Nice. I have just proven the physics of knitting cannot outsmart the old dog in me.

Then, the next step in the destructions, er, instructions tells me that I must do three rounds of plaiting and that I have to do it in a certain way specific to that mitten. So in for a penny, in for a pound, they say (again? what's with these "they" people?)

Three rounds later, I have this very cool plaited edge on my very cool two-colour cast-on mittens. Nicer. Then we start in with the three colour pattern of the work and I have a bombed-out spaghetti factory on my couch and carpet. I figure, since I'm learnin' I might as well figure out how to get this mess organized. I remember that I saw a video clip that shows me how to do this.

I am so seriously excited by all this. I'll get some photos tomorrow and see if I can get them posted.

Happy Knittin' and Learnin', M

(I've been drinking sugary, caffeinated drinks this evening. Can you tell? Huh, can you? Huh, huh, can you??)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Candy for the Needles!

I love this yarn. The colours are fantastic and so much fun to knit with because I couldn't wait to see what combination was going to come up next. Yum, yum, yummy!

It's just another simple drop stitch pattern but it shows off the colours so nicely. Obviously it needs to be blocked as I can see the irregularity of the stitches from here. But still, a prideful project for this knitter.

Just to put in a little canine cuteness, here's Emmett.

Apparently he thinks he's a cat who can perch on the back of a chair or couch and look adorable. Okay, well, I'll give him the adorable part but the perching is a bit, er, well, . . . odd.

Happy January! M

Monday, January 02, 2006

Harlot Reading

This was one of the gifts under my tree this year. . . (my dogs are such good shoppers, aren't they?)

I started reading it last night and am really enjoying it. It's edited and reads differently than her blog but her sense of humour and love of knitting are still so poignant and personal. It does a knitter's heart good.

I also got these last week . . .

They're Clover bamboo needles and what a treat. They're so light and yet sturdy. I've already made one pair of mitts with them and am seriously in love. Between the giggly smiles from the yarn and the joy of the needles, I may have to rename them the Smitten Mittens.

Happy Mitten Knittin' Everyone, M

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

What a week this has been. Was in Saskatoon for three days doing some stash enhancing, among other shopping, and had a blast. Spent too much money, of course, but such deals. Never being much of a shopper in the past, I cannot say I was looking forward to the experience. But my "local" wool store (5.5 hours away) had a heck of a sale and I indulged mightily!

Here are some sexy new mittens I'm making for me! What a lovely treat. Alpaca and wool blend in a yummy colour way that makes me giggly smile while I'm knitting it! Yeah, baby!

Before heading into the city, I stitched up a whole picnic of teddy bears. They're for charity and the supplies were found so didn't cost me anything. They're cute but I would like to get them finished and out of here asap - just so I can get back to some knitting.

I also finished another pair of mittens - they match the drop stitch scarf I made for a Christmas present. This picture is the poops because the light was so grey today but you can see the pretty highlights in them.

Okay, well I'm heading back to school tomorrow and the kids are back on Wednesday. It's a new term and I'll probably be in and out/off and on/ hot and cold for the next little while as far as the blog is concerned. I'll do my best to keep the pictures coming, though, and I'm hoping the yummy yarn sale will keep me motivated despite my busy-ness.

Hope your resolutions for 2006 are reasonable. For me, it's about training the dogs more and eating the chocolate less. Yeah right. Good luck with both I say! M