Friday, January 20, 2006

Blowing My Mind

As I sit here preparing a quiz review for my Grade 12 Chemistry class on Monday, I reread these words:

"Now let's remember that a lone pair of electrons creates a greater force than a bond (or shared pair) so it will change the shape of a molecule from a tetrahedral to a pyramidal tetrahedral. This means the 109.5 degrees we expect to see between the bonds will also change."

It absolutely blows my mind twice! that I know what this means and that my students understand what I'm saying.

If only my high school Chem teacher could see me now. I'm sure he'd be having nightmares thinking the world is coming to an end and that hell has, indeed, frozen over because I am teaching Chemistry. Me. The girl who used to pretend to smoke the text book because I figured that was the only way that information was going to get inside my head! (No, I ain't kiddin'!)

In another school topic, our staff played volleyball against the high school kids at lunch today. What a scream! They creamed us but we sure had fun teasing them every time we scored a point! It definitely created a light hearted afternoon for everybody and my Grade 11 Math class was even giggling while they did their assignment. Yeah, those kids that hate Math were laughing in class! Kind of makes up for the fact that most of them have no clue how to add fractions!

These are the days that make teaching great! Hope your day was just as good or better, M


Life's a Stitch said...

I wish my Grade 10 son had you for a teacher. Giggling and math are never used in the same sentence in our house. Maybe tears and math...

Pioggia said...

May I tag you once more? I invite you to list five unusual habits of yours and to tag other five people.

nmblefngrs said...

I still don't understand what it says, even after reading it twice. After one year of High-School Chemistry and an additional semester of Inorganic Chem in college, I still couldn't tell you how to balance an equation.