Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

What a week this has been. Was in Saskatoon for three days doing some stash enhancing, among other shopping, and had a blast. Spent too much money, of course, but such deals. Never being much of a shopper in the past, I cannot say I was looking forward to the experience. But my "local" wool store (5.5 hours away) had a heck of a sale and I indulged mightily!

Here are some sexy new mittens I'm making for me! What a lovely treat. Alpaca and wool blend in a yummy colour way that makes me giggly smile while I'm knitting it! Yeah, baby!

Before heading into the city, I stitched up a whole picnic of teddy bears. They're for charity and the supplies were found so didn't cost me anything. They're cute but I would like to get them finished and out of here asap - just so I can get back to some knitting.

I also finished another pair of mittens - they match the drop stitch scarf I made for a Christmas present. This picture is the poops because the light was so grey today but you can see the pretty highlights in them.

Okay, well I'm heading back to school tomorrow and the kids are back on Wednesday. It's a new term and I'll probably be in and out/off and on/ hot and cold for the next little while as far as the blog is concerned. I'll do my best to keep the pictures coming, though, and I'm hoping the yummy yarn sale will keep me motivated despite my busy-ness.

Hope your resolutions for 2006 are reasonable. For me, it's about training the dogs more and eating the chocolate less. Yeah right. Good luck with both I say! M

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nmblefngrs said...

Those bears are sooo adorable. I love the colors! Good luck with next semester.